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Vision Trips

By traveling to different cities in Tanzania and countries around the world, our students can learn about different peoples and cultures. Through these experiences they will be inspired to see the world from different perspectives and be better prepared for a life of leadership.

School Excursions

The entire school family takes an annual trip outside of our campus to spend time together in a different environment. We have school picnics, explore the natural environment, and participate in team building activities.  It is a time to experience something different than what we are normally used to.


Field Trips for Academic Projects

​At the end of the year, groups of students create projects to visit an outside company, organisation, or targeted area in order to observe and report on their findings. These projects offer practical experience for real world issues. These projects are presented at the beginning of the new school year.


Cultural activities

LSBS holds a 3-day 'LSBS School Festival' in the first term of each academic year to celebrate cultural traditions and to interact with our neighbouring community.

Our School Logo
  • Mango Tree: The Tree of Hope, a special indigenous tree of Tanga region

  • Trunk: The Cross

  • Mango fruits: Holy Trinity of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit

  • Leaves: 12 disciples of Jesus Christ

The Garden of Promise

The garden and entrance sign was built to greet guests coming into the campus. The high wall is the symbol of the challenges in our life, while the two opposing towers display a large clock and compass to represent the divine guidance and the promise of our God to overcome difficulties in our lives.

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