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Whether you are a current student/parent or researching future school I hope that you are able to find the information that will satisfy your questions. Utilize this site to keep abreast of the various activities that take place on our campus and to maintain relevant communication with teachers and school personnel.

Living Stone offers strong academic and social programmes which meet the needs of all of our students. Academically we offer Science research programmes, Intensive course, Science Camp, etc. For Advanced level we offer international and domestic classes for the motivated and gifted student to truly explore their interests as they move forward to adulthood. Socially we offer multiple clubs, a competitive athletics programme, school festival, an award winning composition programme, school court system and Community of Caring (outreach programme)

What makes this school extraordinary are the people who pass through this school on a daily basis. Living Stone has respectful students who care for one another, families who are involved and committed to their children, teachers who go above and beyond their expected duties, classified staff who pride themselves on customer service and support, and administrators who work hard to provide solid systems which allow for all groups to flourish. This environment provides for personal and supportive relationships balanced with rigorous and relevant curriculum and instruction.


I hope you enjoy your visit on this website and gain a spirit of the “Living Stone Family” that dreams of being a blessing to others.



​Eunrea Kim,

School Director


27th of Feb.

13th of March, 2021


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(For CBG candidate: Math & Chemistry)


0719 990796    0716-079304

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Meinrad Boniface

Head of Academic 

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