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LSBS Curriculum

LSBS follows the Tanzanian secondary education syllabus with a focus on science subjects.

I. Main Subjects for Science Group

1. O-Level

  • English, Kiswahili, Biology, History, Civics, Geography

  • B/Math, Physics, Chemistry

  Supplementary subjects

  • Bible Knowledge (BK)

  • Information and Computer Studies (ICS)

  • Physical Education (PE)

2. Principle Subjects for High School

  • A/Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography

  Principle Subjects Combinations


  Supplementary subjects

  • Religious Studies (Divinity)

  • General Studies (GS)

  • Basic Applied Math (BAM)

  • Information and Computer Studies (ICS)

II. Extracurricular Programmes

1. Science Fair and Research Projects

LSBS students are encouraged to propose invention ideas at the beginning of each academic year, build them, and then exhibit completed projects for others to see and share in the creative process. There are also various science research projects ongoing throughout the year. Science teachers give their time to help facilitate these projects, but the students are the primary participants.

2. Extracurricular Options I

International English Language Test preparation (IELTS & TOEFL)

Science Camp (Practicals)

Science Intensive Course (Physics & Chemistry)

3. Extracurricular Options II

Peer to peer education programmes, student lecture day, student-led research projects, Korean language and culture club, drama and music club, Taekwondo, presentation skills, etc.

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